In Australia with its vast land and so much useless country cannot accommodate the graves of its pioneers!

I was shocked to see a note on an ancestors grave listing at a cemetery, “Grant Expires: 30/04/2012” for a pioneer who had lived till he was 90 years old and contributed so much to the State, including importing the first horses to the State.

What they so is take down the head stone and put it in storage, then bury someone on top of that person!

If I could afford it I would pay for the lease to be extended, but all my ancestors are pioneers, where does it stop?

The laws are changed over time, new rules, all to get money. FINAL RESTING PLACE should be exactly that!

There is a huge tourism industry evolving with the increased interest in our forebears and people travel the world just to see and touch the stone. They should at least take photos of them and add them to find a grave before they demolish the grave and store the stone or the pieces of it. How embarrassed the caretakers must be producing a pile of rubble to someone who has travelled half way round the world to see it.

George Alston my 4th Great Grandfather – Lease expired!

George Alston arrived on the Lord Goderich in 1838

Peter Carroll, wife Catherine, daughter Sarah, Son Samuel and Brother Patrick, from Kings Co, Ireland.

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