Some might think the sub title of this site is a little “upety” but its pride. Cautiously so as not to sound like the next episode of “sex in the city” – “It got me thinking” 🙂

The meaning of the word “home” when you get older changes, its not the safe place that we know as a child, or where we lay our heads at night, its accompanied by a sense of belonging, appreciating and being appreciated. Some years ago I realized that belonging was achieved by contribution, saving forests and fighting for our local forest preservation did that for me. What happens when the forest is saved, people move on and forget about the trials that were before. When the appreciation is gone, surely the feelings should remain?

South Australia will always be home, I may not have contributed much there as I live so far away, but, the pride is not from my own achievements, its more like the pride and loyalty one might feel for their football team. When I do visit home, there is a kind of compass in my head that feels right, wonder if that is something to do with “roots”?

South Australia was first to give women the vote, offer choice to women, decriminalize homosexuality and marijuana. When N.S.W. was offering a low interest rate to pensioners of 12%, South Australia offered 4% interest to pensioners to own their own homes.

Recently the huge battery storage that was installed, a first for the world was only surpassed by the announcement of another. Innovative, in what is a harsh economic and climatic State, water being the most valued resource of all. When you grow up there, you grow up to have a panic attack at the sound of a running tap 🙂

Pride also for some reason comes from the fact that it was settled by free settlers, not sure whether there is a bit of snobbery there, but all came by choice, and the settlement was to be a “free” settlement apart from church and religious constraints. That must still be bread in to us and the freedom and social justice of the State is still quite strong.

All in all, the car industry has been demolished, the State does not get its fair share of water from the Murray, not is it clean enough, but the people still flourish and find better ways to deal with things. That is the pride, the pride our pioneers had, still lives on in us and is taught by example.

SA great!

Legend has it that William Light stood on Montefiore Hill (in the North Parklands adjacent to North Adelaide) in 1837, pointed at what would one day become the Adelaide city centre, and said “This is the place for a city”. The statue was moved from Victoria Square to Montefiore Hill in 1938. Since then, the statue has depicted Light pointing at the City of Adelaide below. With the passage of time, the commemorative statue, and the piece of land on which it stands, have both come to be referred to as “Light’s Vision”, rather than the official full name “Light’s Vision commemoration”.

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