The proclamation announcing the establishment of Government was made by Captain John Hindmarsh beside The Old Gum Tree at the present-day suburb of Glenelg North on 28 December 1836. I can only imagine how those ladies felt, standing there, appearing composed and probably ready to faint from heat exhaustion. December isn’t the hottest month usually, but it is officially summer.

By this time the vessels that had arrived with pioneers were, the Cygnet, Lady Mary Pelham, Africaine, Duke of YorkJohn Pirie, Rapid, Emma, Tam O’Shanter and the Buffalo. (For list of projects for most voyages click here)

On the list was the Beare family who hailed from Winchester, this family joined our Altson family by marriage and possibly a connection that went further back than this time. George Alston’s daughter Jamesina later married the widowed George Duthy, a family also with associations to Winchester.

Charles Hill (1824 – 1915) (Australia)
Born in Coventry, Great Britain. Dead in Adelaide.
Details of artist on Google Art Project
Charles Hill: The Proclamation of South Australia 1836
The Proclamation of South Australia 1836

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